Thursday, July 5, 2012


We all have those people, that just keep crossing our path, and influencing our lives. My friend Rachel is one of those. I have known her almost twenty years, and she would be my oldest freind,we went to school together, were family friends, rode ponies together as kids, had sleepovers, and definitely had our fair share of ups, downs and dramas. We sometimes fought and
drove each other crazy, but have always stayed friends, maybe this is the true test of friendship . As even though we lost touch for a few years after high school, I always remembered her, and saw what she was doing around the world via Facebook, or bumping into her mother or sisters around town.

So it was fantastic to catch up with her a few weeks ago. Gossiping, sharing adventures and making plans to save the world. It was like the years melted away. We even found we had a lot more in common, as while Rachel is involved in lots humanitarian work, im starting to do the equivalent with animals, so picked her brains about her experiences. It got me re-inspired, and was just the mid-winter kickstart I needed.

As kids I was always a little bit crazier on horseback, but Rachel was by far and away the artistic one. No matter how much I tried to force my artistic talents out during school art class,it was never something that came naturally to me, no so with my friend, Rachel always had the better paintings and projects, making mine look like colorful scribbles in comparison. it was really exciting to see her recent venture into photography, because well, she's really good at it. I was only too happy happy to help with her photography assignments, offering my horses and self as models. it was a great day on the farm, when she turned up with the camera, and we had endless fun , trying to get horses to pose and stay still, while we stomped around In the mud like old times.

So as a thanks to her great work, and a recommendation to anyone needing photography work done here's a link to her brand new website

Also a selection of photos she took during our photo-shoot on the farm

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