Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bear jumps boat

So before everybody starts to think I'm a hooligan, just galloping my wild horses all over the show, I better update on their progress.

They really are coming along in leaps and bounds, literally. I do a lot of ground work with my horses. Mainly because I don't have an arena, or a round pen and i work alone, it kind of limits what you can do to start with on a young horse. But it means I do a lot more, including jumping, so by the time I sit on them they've done everything and progress quickly.

At the moment, the ones I have left, Bear and Miro, both will jump anything, they just aren't fussed. Barrels, logs, ditches, proper jumps, they just trot up up and pop over, no stress. This is how I like it, they learn they have to jump whatever I ask, and that its not a big deal and stay relaxed and happy about it, when it comes time to compete, they don't see anything strange and stay relaxed and happy.

Little oscar, is s healthy as a horse, pun intended. Being the baby of the group, he doesn't do the jumping, more just getting brushed and handled daily. He loves his stable, and sneaks in there, when ever the opportunity arises. Like any young boy, he has been through a naughty stage, an angel for the first few weeks, he then tried nipping, and not wanting to be caught. But a few corrections, and he's back to his angelic ways. This is like anything, despite what some people want to believe, happy horses are those that know there rules, and boundaries.

Although I've already sat on one of the stallions, I wouldn't say they been ridden. That's the plan for the next few weeks, starting with Miro. In the meantime here's a video of bear jumping out in the paddock at home

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