Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Kaimanawa camera

I have always loved working with horses, as do most people who start in the industry. However the world of equines, especially when you get into the professional and competitive side of things, is pretty fraught with drama, intrigue, and politics. What to outsiders seem like pretty trivial issues( how you shoe your horse, training methods, using bits, breeds, disciplines,competitions, results etc etc) can between opposing membears of the equine community become more heated than a debate between differant religious parties. Consequently you can run into a lot of opininated, sour, scary, and shameless self promoters, within the industry.I'm pretty open minded and sit on the fence about a lot of issues, try to listen to all sides and make my own mind up on what I think is best for me.

However navigating through the murky waters of trying to run a buisness, make money, do what's best for the horse, riding competitively,and trying to not make to many enemies, I sometimes run out of time to enjoy the things that led me down this career path. It's a competitive industry, and in a recession where everyone is struggling, it can be a bit cut throat.So any moment I have to go back to just enjoying my horses I treasure, and it alway reminds me why I continue working with them and gives me the strength, to smile and ignore any of the bullsh!t that I come across, when I I'm sloggin away, to earn a few dollars the rest of the time.Today was one of the "let's go out and enjoy it" days. I had my two original wild ponies back and went for a ride on the beach all day, I felt like a kid again, some local boys on their horses challenged us to a race, and we couldnt resist. Galloping headlong down the beach with sand splattering in your face as you try to overtake, is just as fun and adrenaline packed as it ever was. I know I'm adult, and another year older as of yesterday, but I was in no mood to be responsible,or set an example, I'm never one to turn down a challenge either, the teenage boys may have had the faster horse, but I think we all came away pretty happy! Jumping you horse over driftwood logs washed up in the sand, has equally not lost is appeal. I'm going to introduce what I'm now calling "Kaimanawa cam" thought I'd try and share the fun of the day...