Travel, adventure and Inspirational Speaking

Travel & adventure 

I love adventure, travel and combining my love of horses with seeing exotic places. I will never be the girl sipping cocktails by the pool. Give me donkeys in India's poorest communities  or running marathons and galloping across countries on feral ponies any day.

Got ideas of where I should go? Know a place where working equines need help? A good adventure that needs doing? Don't hesitate to let me know

Motivational Speaking

I hope thorough my travels, charity work and adventures I can inspire people to step outside their comfort zones, follow their dreams and discover the world.

I enjoy motivational speaking, especially when it comes to encouraging young people. I have a wealth of first hand experiance to draw on, from travels in developing countries, competing in extreme adventure events like the Mongol Derby as well as seeing and working with some of the worlds poorest people through charitable organisations.

Not to mention my experience working with wild horses and sport horses.

I know what it is like to overcome obstacles, to step into the unknown and take a risk when everyone tells you it's not possible.

I love to share my stories and am available for motivational speaking at schools, conferences and other events

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Phone +64 27 254 0114 or by email