Monday, July 16, 2012

Fiji baby

I hate this time of year. It's awful, there's no point pretending otherwise. Mud and rain, constantly makes my life miserable, I know I've said this before, but it's my life at the moment. Working with horsess this time of year is, less horse training time, and more mucking out stables, feeding out hay in the pastures, and just wading through deep mud constantly. It's hard to get any horse training in, to wet to ride on the paddocks, and with twice the hrose care work load, I find this time of year depressing, you feel exhausted every day and no great achievements to show for it, the is the weather for just surviving through it. But there is hope on the horizon.

Most readers will know I went to Egypt a few months ago, to do volunteer work over there, mostly with horses, but camels, donkeys and a few small animals featured as well. It's happening again, in six weeks I'm off, this time to Fiji, and the tropics are sounding really good right now, let me tell you! It will be focusing on caring for animals, as well as trying to educate locals in better animal care practices.

I can't wait, I love this kind of work. Just getting to work with a team of people rather than by myself is nice, but combine that with exotic places, animals and a feeling of making a differance and your on to a wining formula. While it was long exhausting days, and at times heartbreaking in Egypt, and I'm sure it will be the same in Fiji, it absolutely what I love.I don't mind the work, you feel like your achieving something, and
making a difference . I'll be traveling with the same people and organisation again Kiwi Care Team, I can't wait, I loved working with other knowledgable horse people who specialize in differant fields from me. I learned so much last time and am looking forward to doing the same again.

So while tomorrow might be another day of hard slog,and a sense of un-accomplishment at least it will be one day closer to tropical holidays.. I can't wait.Here's a few pics of the Egypt trip, hopefully for the animals sake things aren't quite as bad in Fiji....

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