Tuesday, June 8, 2010

wild horses ....what wild horses??

I love my wild ponys.....After checking them like a million times yesterday to make sure they had hay, water and that they were settled in there yard. I left them for the night with my old Arabian horse babysitting from over the fence.

First thing this morning i drove down to deliver breakfast (hay) to my wild ponys.. Just to see what would happen i held a bunch of hay through the fence, expecting them not to come near until i dropped it and walked away. But low and behold the little grey girl walked right up and started eating out of my hand. The bay watched from a distance for a while before timidly coming up and having a sniff, then tucked in to the hay. Food conquers all. I think the stress of traveling and there general thinness, and the fact the mare is pregnant making her hungry has left them both with huge appetite. .

Just wanting to see how quiet or maybe hungry they really were i climbed the fence carrying hay and stood on the side of the pen with them. First they just watched from the corner and then the boy who had been so timid before, walked right up and started eating, even gave me a sniff up and down. The grey not so brave once she already had a bit of food in her belly watched for a while then cautiously came up and tucked in too.So they're happy to take any food they can get from any source. This is defiantly to my advantage, they are going to be a lot easier to handle if they come to me for food and get used to being around me. Rather than having to chase them around and around trying to just get near them

After a couple minutes i climbed out and left them to eat alone....

I'm stunned i didn't expect them to be bolting maniacs who were trying to kick the yards pieces or anything like that...but didn't expect them to be that quiet either.... I feel almost deflated that my wild ponys don't seem to be that wild...Although these could be famous last words...Maybe i shouldn't count my chickens before they hatch....Maybe i will wait until after i have a halter on them before i complain about how quiet they are...

O and i noticed as the boy ate out of my hand he has a tiny whit fleck on his forehead just hidden behind his forelock. He's not just brown after all. Yahh!