Friday, June 25, 2010

getting down and dirty

How romantic it sounds taming wild horses. Even just working with horses. when i tell people what i do for job the response is usually 'Wow that sounds like so much fun' or 'id love to be able to do that' . Most of the time it is great, i love what i do, every day I'm excited about getting out of bed to go to work . But when people (myself included) think of working with horses. You picture hours on horseback riding just you and your horse.You don't usually picture the day to day dirty jobs that working with horses involves. But that is reality. Especially today it was getting down to all the dirty jobs. literally the shittiest jobs.

So the 2 wild ponies were both drenched in the last two days. Which they both handled with ease. In fact they seemed to like the worm medicine far more than any of the horse feed presented to them! Now came the fun job of checking to see just what worms came out.

I've herd that the wild horses carry a very high worm load. You know the ads for sponsoring a starving child in Africa? they show those skeletal looking children with the same bloated, pot bellied look as these two ponies have. But seeing the evidence in front of you is a very different thing than hearing about it. For the 24 hours since worming i have been doing the highly glamorous job of prodding each poo produced to see what worms were in it.

Answer...Hundreds and hundreds of dead worms....i was stunned... i knew there would be worms....but not in this quantity. All different types too. And there still coming poo after poo filled with dead, disgusting parasites. But both horses are already starting to lose that big pot bellied look so that's a bonus. i think my next month they will be much healthier and fatter looking animals.

And this afternoon after prodding what felt like the hundredth horse poo with a stick...i thought...maybe i have been on the farm to long, Ive been starring at piles of shit all day. so tonight i chucked a dress and my high heels on and went out to dinner. sometimes you gotta make sure you haven't lost the plot completely......i am normal... promise