Friday, June 4, 2010


spent couple hours inspectin the fence of the future stallion paddock...its designated the stallion padock 'cos about 10 years ago it once contained a stallion (a small 30 year old ancient white stallion)..since then the fences not good to begin with have only gotten worse....

the plan is to fix it up in time for the two new arrivals....i still have a few days up my sleeve

it needs....
# a few posts replaced
# a few post holes dug for the posts
# mutliple wires restrung
# fence battens replaced and restrung or whatever you do with fence battens
# electric outriggers on all fence posts...
# electric wires strung through outriggers
# electric fencing unit attached

i managed to attach about 15 outriggers...harder than thought to hammer theses into the top of posts...only about 30 more to go....

not beatn yet though i will have at least one paddock stallion proof in time for the arrival of my wild boys