Monday, June 7, 2010

They're here!!!

My wild ponys have arrived!!!!

At 11am this morning 2 wild ponys staggered off a truck into my stockyards..bedraggeled and skinny and looking a little shell shocked by the hole experiance. But sensible and quiet. You cant get to close to them but they wer'nt flighty or fiesty. obviously living this long in the wild has given them a sense of self preservation and common sense that can sometimes be lacking in our domesticated animals...

Magically though the two stallions i was told i was getting on friday...turned into a two year old colt and a pregnant mare as they got off the truck today..This is a slight set back to my plan. I now have a mare thats halfway through her pregnacy. So until shes foaled, and her foal is old enough to be weaned theres not much i can do with her. Minimum of a year before any real training can start...

And a little bay colt that cant be much over two. To young to do to much with for now. Tiny just a little pony at moment and timid as anything. Cute. But so skinny and malnurished. It really justifys the mustering and culling of the wild horses if they are in this condition.

But overall i love my two little ponys....So cute. the grey girl looks pretty brave and has 4 white socks and a blaze. The bay just plain and looks like a scared little mouse

so now i have my wild horses the project can really begin..