Thursday, June 10, 2010

Home sweet home

Humans are very complex creatures.......wild horses are however far simpler creatures....have food and you wont have problems...well this is how it for my two it would seem anyway..

The grey girl is now happily eating grass in my paddock at home. I doubt whether shes lifted her head up from the paddock now even hours later, so happy was she she to be eating green stuff. This is probably the first real grass of her entire life. Having come from tussock and shrub covered plateau to stock yards and now finally a paddock with real grass.

Today i led her home from the stockyards (about 1km). No problems even though she had to pass through peacocks, chickens, a pack of 6 little yapping dogs which all rushed out at her from the neighbors, one of which bit me on the leg i might add, and a creek crossing. Which if you know horses is quite an acheivement even for one used to people.Nothing phased her. In fact the hardes part was getting her to take the first step out of the stockyards where she felt safe, into this strange new world. After that she never worried.although i let her take her time along the way, even coming across my 8 horses tied at the barn didn't worry her. as long as there was grass she was happy Just sticking her head down to eat any chance she got. finally loose in the paddock all she did was eat..

Although the whole experience was very quiet and settled the adrenalin rush for me was huge! In four days i have taken a completely wild horse caught her haltered her and had her following me happily and calmly. This a wild animal! Was just amazing to watch her accept everything..Saying this shes not tame yet, i can lead and get her to go where i want, but i still cant get to near her. Soon though and I'm sure she will accept me in her space..

A big thanks to Charlotte who came and helped me today and led my old arab home for the grey to follow. Having a someone else who also has great horsemanship and advice was invaluable help.

Its the boy's turn tomorrow..for me this just gets more exciting every day....