Sunday, February 27, 2011

The weekend that was

What a weekend! the stallion got to his show, and my dog retained her title and trophies as the fastet swiming dog in the area, and i spent ten hours driving between the two.

Thanks to Marilyn and Kristine, for finding and providing a place for Matai and myself to stay.
I met so many wonderful people, and their horses. It was a great show, with a great many supportive individuals who made me feel so welcome!

An hour or two ago, my little wild stallion, backed wearily down the ramp of the horse float,. Walking back to his paddock in the growing dusk and the first creeping cold of autumn weather, the poor boy looked exhausted. the travelling, competing, socialising and spending the night in a strange new paddock had certainly taken their toll on him. He had learned that the world was a whole lot bigger than he thought it was, with many a strange thing to be seen and experienced!

But throughout it all his behaviour was impeccable, he learned to behave around other horses, mare, stallions no matter what they were. Apart from a few shrill calls to begin with in the ring, he settled down perfectly. We did end up with a few ribbons, but ill will have to write up the full story next time, as for now i need some sleep


  1. Thanks Rachel

    i was so pleased with him! he got lots of cuddles and an extra feed today as a reward for his good behaviour!