Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Matai, the wild stallion, has his big show this weekend. Yesterday he had his first ride in a bridle and was fantastic!

Today he has one big fat front leg.....Swollen from the knee down to the fetlock. No obvious wound or mark on him, and i have checked him thoroughly. Not problems in his feet either. Hes not really lame, although hes not wanting to trot out as freely as usual...

Uh-oh is all i can think. It would be terrible to miss his first show! Hes such a sturdy wee thing its unusual for him to have this kind of problem.

My guess is, because we are having such weird weather patterns here, hot extremely humid summer, lots of horses are coming up with weird skin conditions,grass staggers and other abnormalities that we don't usually see. So I'm hoping this swelling is just due to grass and heat, as every couple of years we have the odd horse, come up with weird swollen legs that go down after a day or two, although usually its all four legs, not just one. Ive been told its due to high toxin levels in some grasses.

hes had a good feeds with extra supplements, hopefully he will be all cleared up by tomorrow. Fingers crossed


  1. Oh no. Best of luck. Perhaps some aspirin or anti-inflammatory?

  2. Hey Chloe-

    Hoping everything's okay in your neck of the woods. I have a friend from Christchurch... assuming the earthquake was far enough away that maybe you and yours weren't affected.

    Thinking of you!