Thursday, February 10, 2011

the floods

Here are some pictures from the floods we had ten days ago......Oh and i have decided the wild stallion and I, are going to the show, the other other horse can compete later in the season.

The top photo is of the road between my house and the nearest town, this is just after it opened, it was closed for two days as the water rushed right over, the poor farmer lost all his fences. This is usually beautiful flat paddocks full of cows....

All the gates on the farm, that we had to leave closed, got warped like this one. Note also the level of debris on the other gate, all from the flood water, This was one of the higher gates too, and was so warped, we had to use crowbars and sledge hammers to open it.

Let me repeat January and February are our DRIEST months!! We have already had two floods and more rain predicted for the weekend, and the temperature fluctuates between freezing cold, and scalding hot beach weather.

In other news Fern has a new Bedroom/ Pen. Where her and her big beautiful boy, Sonny, spend ther days. As due to the wet weather, we have so much grass, im worried Fern will eat herself to death. So she gets the pen, with a feed and hay during the day and out with the main herd at night. Sonny spends his days just sleeping in mum's shadow..... But if you look closely at this photo, you can see Sonny sitting on a big pile of hay...this happens everyday. You put the hay in the pen, Sonny spreads it out, lies down on it like a bed, and has a nap. While poor Ferm is stuck trying to nibble bits out from underneath him. After his nap he gets up and eats all the remaing hay, its a daily ritual, that makes me laugh everytime. What mothers put up with ay...