Friday, February 25, 2011

Show day is coming!!!

Matai the stallion, is looking back to normal, with no more swelling in his leg. So I'm off down country to the show tomorrow. To be honest, i don't have huge expectations, as although i love my boy, I'm the first to admit, he struggles to look anything more than just a little brown pony. But i cant wait to meet all the other people with Kaimanawa horses, and see the horses themselves of course!

Poor wild stallion, he was washed and shampooed to within an inch of his life today. That mane of his is so thick, that when i finally applied enough soap and water to wet it through, his head was down by his knees with the weight of it all, and with that thick black hair he looked like Bob Marley caught in a rain storm.

I'm going to admit that i may have been a little keen in doing my entries though. Because although i would like to perform a horse training miracle,the stallion, having a couple days off this week with a sore leg, just hasn't had enough rides, to be able to compete in the ridden section of the show. Even though hes wonderful, less than ten rides with a saddle and bridle is just far to few, to then go to a show and ask him to perform it is asking for trouble, and could potentially undo all his good training.

Anyway i will be away for the weekend, but cant wait to see how the show goes, will be a learning curve for both me and the horse as to be honest i don't know what to expect either.


  1. Best of luck to you and the little fella.

  2. I love that description: Bob Marley in a rain storm. hahahaha I can see it!