Thursday, September 23, 2010

The wild horse goes to town!

Just to clear things up, i love both my wild horse equally. I just seem to have a lot more to say about the grey at the moment. Which is why there seems to be more posts about her. The stallion hasn't had any injuries or vet visits yet (touch wood), so there hasn't been to many new topics to talk about him, hes going fantastic though and i do love him to bits.

But today the Grey (who I'm thinking of naming either Aroha of Silver fern) had her first very big adventure. She went to town!!! Okay not as exciting as it may sound, it was time for her 1 month tetanus booster so i took her to the vet to get it. I did debate just getting the vet to do a farm visit, since shes so pregnant. But its only a ten minute drive to town, and a hell of lot cheaper to take the horse to the vet. My budget is already stretched paper thin.Ive done this many times, with the horse just standing in the float in the parking lot, while the vets do their thing. The greys already been on and off the float a couple times, so i figured she wouldn't be worried about getting on the float and a short trip wouldn't hurt her.

sure enough she was a gem. Horses have problem because of people. most things, they will cope with, unless people go around making a big deal and trying to rush everything. It took about 5 minutes to load her. Grey is not flighty or spooky, but she can not be rushed. She went 1 step at a time into the float, pausing in between to look at the sides of the float etc. But once in, she was happy to stand there. Eating her haynet (as long as there is food nothings a problem for these wild ponies) she didn't even blink as i did the ramp and the door at the back. I gave her a minute or two to assess the situation, tied her up and away we went down the road. I did check her at the farm gate. although she was looking around, didn't appear overly worried.

got to town, no problem. opened the door to say hi, and there was the wild horse, a little worried and looking around, but not worked up or stressed. Within a minute it was back to the hay net again and eating away. I took a few quick pics and dashed off to get the vet.

Vet visit was over in ten minutes. Needles and injections not bothering my stoic little wild horse. She just stood there quietly. no jumping around or silliness, was an angel for the vet like she'd been doing it her whole life.
within an hour of leaving the farm she was home sweet home again. No dramas no stressed horse. As a special treat she got 15minutes of grazing the long grass on the driveway before returning to the paddock. This evening there she was at the gate, waiting to come in, obviously no ill feelings after her trailer ride.
now if she'd only have her baby....