Wednesday, September 8, 2010

lets talk about stallions...and the geese

So stallions have this reputation of being some kind of unpredictable monster, that you handle at your own risk.constantly I'm asked "arn't you worried the stallion will attack you" or "hes from the wild he must be dangerous". But truth be told stallions are actually just horses, horses that have all their hormones and are going to test you to see who's in charge. They don't just randomly turn into uncontrollable testosterone fuelled menaces, but they will exploit all their handlers bad habits and lapses in training. If handled correctly from the beginning you will never have problems, allow them to walk all over you and you only have your self to blame when they trample, you and cant be handled later on. But i think this goes for most male animals that still have their balls attached, dogs, horses, and apparently geese.

The cute, lovable and affectionate geese are no more. I mentioned before about them harassing the dogs and horses. Today they turned on me, i have only myself to blame. Always i have encouraged the geese to eat out of my hand, i thought it was cute when they pecked at your shoe laces or nibbled your ponytail and priceless when they came and sat in your lap. They basically had the run of the place. So with no boundaries it was bound to happen that one day they would take there temper out on me too.

This evening As i was walking to get there dinner, i was attacked from behind, by my mothers formerly sweet male goose named Hero. What i did to send him into a rage, I'm not sure. Maybe i wasn't walking fast enough to fetch his dinner? all i know is one minute i was walking, next i was struck in the back of the leg by a beaked demon. it was such a heavy hit i almost fell down. these birds are heavy and he had definitely taken a ruining leap at my leg. Not only that he was determined not to let go his death grip he now had on my pants. After much swinging of my leg, kicking and swearing, i finally managed to dislodge the irate gander. who then ran at me hissing! luckily i was carrying a bucket witch i threw, knocking him in the head and then ran after him flapping my arms, and swearing about goose dinners until he retreated to a safe distant.

What did this teach me?? all animals need boundaries. I would never have this problem with my horses especially my wild stallion. But that's because from day one they have good manners drilled into them. Never is the bay stallion allowed to nibble, rub or push me around. He has to pay attention to me whenever I'm handling him, no looking off at girls or neighing or any behaviour, other than what I'm asking. he is required to walk or stand beside me quietly at all times. So he has always known that I'm boss and in no situation can he push me around. therefore no matter what his mood he still respects me and behaves himself. He will never turn on me like the pysco attack goose did, because he knows to the core that I'm boss and not to be pushed around. And you know what hes happy, hes not scared of me he loves to work and does whatever i ask.

Happy horses are horses that know their place and know who's in charge. After all that is how a herd is structured. No horse pushes around the boss mare, she wouldn't tolerate it. Even in a bachelor herd one male will be in charge. No young colt in the wild would be allowed to go rub his head, itch himself or push around another horse . he would be kicked and sorted out pretty quick. Horses know about personal space and understand who's boss.They are happy when they know their place in the herd and can just follow the herd leader. its only people who don't understand, who allow the horse to come into their space uninvited and then wonder why their horse tramples all over them later.

People who say that their horse just suddenly turned on them just missed all the warning signs that probably been going on for a long long time. I just wish all the idiots would learn something and teach their horse some manners before making stupid comments about 'crazy stallions' any horse can be crazy stallion are just more like to find the loop hole in bad handling than a more placid gelding.

now i just have to put this theory into practice with the geese.