Wednesday, September 29, 2010

what a mystery?

OK, so thought we were going to have a foal yesterday. But Grey was just teasing us. Good thing to since i wasn't going to be here. My lovely boyfriend, has been overseas competing at sailing regattas for the last 3 months, and finally made it home yesterday. So i zoomed down to the big city, to see him for the night. Also finally we had the farrier out to do the wild horses feet. yahh!! but while here he looked in the wild stallions mouth and low and behold, the horse has aged 2 years in just four months...

so yesterday morning,i was checking grey over before i turned her loose in the paddock. i do this with her every morning to see if their is any signs of impending birth. For once there was some milk in her udder. Huge excitement, maybe she will be foaling soonish?Although no wax their yet, meaning probably not going to give birth in the next 24hours. So i decided to risk it, and go to the city, to see the boyfriend.

Got back this afternoon and rushed out to check grey. No milk, it had all vanished again. So back to waiting....

Also while i was down in the city, the farrier came by. Lucky for me, i had bribed my mother to be here, so the horses could have their feet done. Grey was apparently an angel, behaving like she'd been having her feet done her whole life. Now she has normal looking feet, and is moving around a whole lot easier. No slipping, and sliding down hills, like she's on snow ski's anymore.

Stallion was apparently a little apprehensive. suspicious of a strange man coming towards him holding all his tools, then trying to pick up his feet. but after a few spooks, gave in and allowed his feet to be trimmed.

Now for the big surprise of the day. The farrier and mum got to talking. Wondering just how old, the wild stallion is. So the farrier offered to look at his teeth to get a real idea. Low and behold, hes got the teeth of a four/five year old horse. But wait here's the real clincher. When me and a friend cheeked his teeth, about a month after he arrived. His mouth only showed him to be 2 or 3 years old.....but sure enough,when i got home and checked, there he was with a completely different set of teeth, from the last time i looked in his mouth. so how old is he that is the mystery??