Monday, September 13, 2010

i need a name

Its getting bad...i still do not have names for my 2 wild horses....still they are called either 'grey' or 'bay', or 'the stallion' and the 'girl'. the problem is i have called them by this for so long i cant think of anything else, When i asked the kids that come for lessons, they came up with names like 'stardust' and 'wild heart' which although good for movie horses, i want something a little less Disney for my two wild horses. Ideas???

O another note, thought id share the daily dealings of the 'the stallion' with everyone because i think it is one of the funniest things Ive ever seen.

So every morning i make my way to the barn. The stallion doesn't call out like the girl, but he is always watching for you. From the stable him and his buddy Milo, the new forest pony go out to the paddock for the day. Then its off to get coco, the Shetland pony from his diet pen and let him out with the two other boys. This is where all the fun begins.

To give you some idea coco stands less than a metre at the shoulder(about 9hh), is short fat and covered in long black/brown hair that is usually matted in mud thanks to his habit of rolling in puddles. He is a four legged tiny terror that from a distance looks kind of like a hairy dog/sheep/ horse cross. The stallion and Milo are like twins, both standing about 14hh. Milo is a bright bay, stocky, slightly hairy and is well rounded but fit instead of fat, hes is the no nonsense leader of the 3 boys. Bay is the playful sweet and naive one of the three.

as OK back to the story. Every morning i take coco to the paddock with Milo and the stallion. the moment the halter is off and hes free, he's off at a gallop. Sprinting as fast as his little legs will go, like a chubby brown bullet,across the paddock towards the two bigger boys. Every morning he goes right for the stallion either running straight into him or nipping him at the run and galloping off again.This morning the stallion didn't lift his head fast enough and coco ran into it, knocking the poor wild stallion sideways, and then he kept on running. Its a well oiled routine, the stallion, after allowing himselt to be hit by the tiny terror, turns and chases him.

This will goes on for a good 10minutes. Ruining and playing in the morning sun.the stallion chasing coco, and then coco running around nipping him when ever he can. Its all good natured, coco somehow manages to rear right up and get his front legs over the stallions back to which the stallion just gently goes down on his knees and nips him back. All the time the tiny coco seems to dominate the formerly wild horse. When coco has had enough he just ignores the stallion and starts eating. Usually within an hour you will look over to find coco and the stallion fast asleep stretched out flat on the ground together. So cute. haha so much for fierce wild stallions.....