Friday, September 24, 2010

quick update

The number of babies on the farm has doubled. but still no horse babies. Unfortunately while out jump schooling with one of my big horses, we didn't look before we leaped, and landed on a wild mother duck who was sitting on her ducklings, hiding on the other side.. Feeling full of remorse i spent the next 3 hours trying to find the ducklings, that scattered and had hidden through the long grass. i found two, and brought them home to live with me. They couldn't be more than a day or two old as they still had the points on their beak from breaking out of the shell.

To top things off, one of the young and stupid geese was so busy sitting on the 1 egg left in her nest, that she forgot to feed her already hatched goslings and just let them wander off. then she let a couple of young and very confused males, peck at them and chase them even furthur away. Geese are actually excellent fathers usually, so this was an exception. So two goslings joined the two ducklings inside. Now we have a cage in front of the fire with four gorgeous, fluffy, yellow and brown bundles all cosyed up together inside. the ducklings although about the same age are only about a quarter the size of the baby geese, and definitely think they are the new parents.

So by the time i had horses put away, bobby calves fed and in bed, ducklings and goslings snuggled in for the night. It was dark and grey was waiting patiently at the gate. Giving out the occasional whinny to make sure i hadn't just forgot about her. God forbid she missed going to her warm stable, and had to go without dinner. Finally i got to her, but forgot the halter, not wanting to walk all the way back to the barn to fetch it, i just opened the gate and called. Shes an angel she just came trotting up, and happily followed right behind me all the way in the dark to the barn. Most of the other horses, would take this opportunity to run off to the good grass, and behave like an idiot. Not grey she came right along behind me, all the way straight into her stable. Bless her sweet soul! if only they were all as easy as her...