Friday, November 2, 2012

Shy boy

Shy Boy was beautiful, he looked every inch the wild stallion stepping off the stock truck. Long thick mane, forelock covering his eyes, a way of holding himself that set him apart, and a deep rich mahogany coat of hair.

He was a challenge though, wild as wild, and terrified. He would see a human and try to climb the 6ft fences to get out of there, you didnt even have to be near him or even looking and he was trying to flee in terror. He attacked all the other horses too, some kind I'd insecure defense mechanism.

Yet the day we pay t the halter on, or the second we put the halter on, he changed. He melted, he literally breathed a sigh if relief and stopped trying to flee. If a horse could talk he said 'okay I know your not trying to hurt me now, please please can you take care of me, I'm so very very lost'

He never once pulled on the rope or tried to run after that, and within an hour of being haltered he was home. He just wanted to be shown the way . Like someone who newly found religion to lead them from darkness, he just wanted something to follow so he ddnt have to be scared anymore.

So shy, yet so desperate to please. We just named him the way we described. him 'shy boy'.

Well Shy Boy went off to his new home and now five months later I went to see him. He looks amazing. Fat glossy, yet still with his look of the wild. His owner has done a fantastic job, and is a good horsewoman, the special little horse couldn't have gone to anyone else

It is so exciting to see, I always love the transformations.

Currently Miro, Sonny and Oscar will be staying with there muster mate, for a few weeks of extra grass, and gelding. Was nice to see the reunion and plenty of greeting and games were had, in the way only the kaimanawa's know how.