Sunday, October 28, 2012


Just got home from another weekend competing. Two days showjumping was a change from what I normally do which is eventing , my little wild mare Fern, I just can't say enough good things about her. Horses are so versatile given the chance, and being from the wild is not proving to be any disadvantage for this fantastic little mare.

She takes everything in her stride,whether jumping logs into water,or prancing over fancy decorated show jumps, galloping through the forest, or dressage schooling. She just quietly gets on and does the job, no fuss, no stress, no complications.

This little horses is a special one, I couldn't be more proud of her, to this day shes one of the easiest horses I've ever dealt with, and tries her heart out for you every time. She's is small, the smallest horse in her class this weekend, not to mention the only one who grew up wild, and probably the only one to be a mother many times over, yet she still came home with ribbons to show for herself. Not that it's all about winning but it's nice to have something to show for such a awesome horse.