Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Half marathon

Compression socks, the kind you use on long haul flights, are my best freind this morning. They at least ease the pain to one part of my body. My fingers are okay, so I can still type, but the rest of me is suffering, a lot.

Yesterday I ran 21kms, in under two hours. This is the longest I've  ever run, my training, which was very limited, consisted of a few weeks of short runs, the longest being about 5km. I was going to be happy if I ran 10km, that was the goal. 10km plus finish the race....

But I have a small personality flaw that sometimes gets me into trouble, I'm quite competitive. I'm not even neccassarily competitive towards other people, but push myself.

So when I made it 7km I thought "well I'm a third of the way there, don't stop now" by 10km I decided I was going to run the whole thing, and I did. Typing it is a whole lots easier than runing was, but somehow I pushed through and ran 21km.

 I felt pretty good yesterday, I was still walking, managed to go to the celebratory party in the evening and Genrally had a great time.

Then I woke up this morning. I wasnt sure if I ran or had been dragged behind a bus for 21km such was the pain. Every little movement hurt, and standing up I felt I had no control over my legs they were so jelly like.

But eventually one foot after the other I'm up and moving around. I've been to feed the horses, done my chores and the more I move, the more I feel I might survive and don't need to be curled in a fetal position on the couch.

Better yet, thanks to all the sponsors I think I even  raised a it of money for my charity Kiwi Care Team. Which makes the pain all the more worth it really. As well as all the people who put on a green singlet and ran in support of Kiwi Care Team.

Also despite all the pain I'm am impressed with myself, which doesn't happen often, 21km in under two hours, I didn't know I even had it in me. Good little feeling of acheivment to ease the pain.

Hopefully by tomorrow il be back riding again, as all the horses need to be worked.

Thanks again to all sponsors here's the proof I ran 21km...

Lastly thanks to my freind Eliza who ran the marathon with me, good teamwork I think keep each other going the whole way.