Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I don't know if I ever actually  mentioned this on the blog, but I'm a published writer...or columnist anyway.

I have always written the odd article, for the newspaper or the Kaimanawa heritage Horses magazine. But for the last six months I have had my very own collum in a glossy, nationally distributed magazine. I can write to my hearts content about my wild horses, and people somewhere, not just my mother, actually pay to buy this magazine and read my work. Well to be fair not just my work, they have heaps of great articles, but still my writing is in there.

The magazine thats published my work is New Zealand Lifestyle Farmer, and being a farming girl, I used to read this each month like a bible, even before I wrote for them.

Secretly I'm more pleased about the fact that I have my writing published, than I let on. Because now when people ask me what I do, and then smile politely when I tell them I work with horses, like they think "oh how cute a girl that still hasn't grown out of the playing with ponies stage of life", I can now add on the I'm a columnist in a magazine, and that seem to at least convince most poeple  I'm somewhat more grown up and professional.

So thankyou very much to Lifestyle Farmer Magazine for giving me the chance to have my work published

Also doubly exciting today, the KHH magazine came out, this is a publication dedicated to just the Kaimanawa horses. It's always great to read and see all the pictures of other people horses, and this month is filled with cute foal pictures of the babies ffrom this years muster, as well as having an article in it that I wrote about my trip to Fiji.

So there you go I can now say I'm a horse rider and a writer.