Friday, June 8, 2012

Oscars big vet visit

So a week ago today we had the vet out, to clean up oscars head. She did an amazing job, it was incredible to see the extent of the damage, you could literally look down and see the muscles behind his eye.

Well seven days later he has improved in leaps and bounds, the eye itself looks completely back to normal, and the wound is healing nicely, not looking near as dramatic as before. Oscar Seems to be settling in and enjoying domestic life as well.

These days he's stabled at night, but spends his days paddocked with my two colts of roughly the same age as him. One of these colts is Sonny, the Kaimanawa that came inside Fern tummy, from last muster. It's amazing to see the difference in size and development between these two.

Back to Oscar, he is a special horse for sure. Through the whole vet visit he was so kind and trusting, better behaved than I think most horses his age. Part of this I'm sure is due to his laid back nature, but also I think as yet he has had no bad experiences, and is only allows to exhibit, polite manners. Yet he is so, so special, the vet, and those watching the procedure all agreed. It is quite honestly, heartbreaking to realize all thats happened to him,and what he still goes through to treat his head wound, yet he remains a very sweet trusting horse

Ps I still havent worked out, how to put photos in order when uploading from my iPad, so please understand these are not in sequence. If anybody is good with technology and knows how to do this please let me know.