Monday, June 25, 2012

Another rainy day...time fo an update on the action.I have caught up with some truly inspirational people in the last few days. Old freinds and people, I known but have never actually had time to meet properly. Since being in Egypt, where the poeple I met and worked with there, really inspired, it's been great come into contact with more people closer to home that are equally inspirational.

It's been a busy week. The wild horses have been in photo shoots, filmed for a documnetry, and one little stallion has finished his time with me and gone off to his new home. My Sunday afternoon was spent showing visitors around and letting them meet the wildboys, who loved all the attention and extra food, and were very un-wild looking. This is the goal though, to be able to show, in as many ways possible what fantastic horses these are. I have always want to show, how good these horses can be, and last week went a long way to proving that.

I am really passionate about good horsemanship. Not just good riding, or being competitive, but understanding and working with your horse, for the benefit of the horse. I hate seeing unhappy and misunderstood horses, being blamed for everything, it grates my nerves like you would not believe.This is part of the reason I started writing this blog, I wanted to show that horses do not come with all these "problems" that people think are normal for horses. They are not bad, bastards, idiots, mean, or naturally crazy, they don't sit in the paddock and plot ways to piss us off either. They are just horses, and react to what goes on around then. but we change their natural behaviour so much, or don't learn to understand them and we cretes all these problems, which really is how I make my money "fixing" problem horses. If some of these behaviour problems I come across, which people always blame on the " that's just the way the horse is", why don't the wild horsess come with these same problems? Don't get me wrong, the wild horsess could develop all these problems through bad handling, very easily, and very quickly. But they don't come with them, those are things people create in them.

So when I got the chance to sit down and talk with a girl, who is filming a documnetry about the wild horses, it was like a breath of fresh air, to talk to someone who has really similar veiws to mine. Interestingly enough I've known, and admired these girls, that are making the documnetry for years, we are about the same age, with a similar background, we live in the same area and probably all grew up, spending our days on horse back, growing up training our own horses. They were on tv a few months back, and there approaches to training and breaking in horses are very similar to mine. We both break in horses bareback first, as oppose to more traditional methods, and they like me want to produce happy, sensitive horses that's start their life riding across farms and beaches, before going on to specialize in other disciplines. In fact I saw photos of them taking there horses to the beach for a first ride, and it reminded me of doing a similar thing with Matai the little wild stallion two years ago...

So it was really nice to have them come up and film, my wild stallions, and interview me about my thoughts and opinions. Although it was really nerve racking being filmed, and trying to remember what your talking about and to look at the camera etc, it was all really good fun, and the wild stallions behaved themselves once they got used to the camera.

Shy Boy is the photogenic one, looking every but the wild stallion with his poise and thick flowing mane, and got to be filmed quite a bit. Bear has progressed in leaps and bounds and wasn't worried about the camera at all, being very brave and coming to sniff my face as I was talking, for him the is a actually a huge breakthrough as any interction is an improvement, on him being very introverted,and terrified of the world.

It was really inspirational to hear these girls goals for there documnetry and how they want to portray the wild horses, as it was like talking to myself in someways. They are doing exactly what i wanted to do, two years ago, but they have three working together filming and training, as oppose to just me alone.How they want to take them from the wild, and produce them into show horsees, and just in there approach to horsemanship, they are very similar. They even got permission to go and film ther muster, which will be great footage and will be able to show people what really goes on.

Was great talking to them about the muster process, to see that both them and myself are passionate to do even more to help next muster, and are already planing how to home more horses. I think it's fantastic that they doing it, can't wait to see the results. It's definetly a documnetry that need to be done, and I'm actually really pleased it's some local girls, who are really good horsewoman as well as film makers who are doing it. Cant wait to see the finished product!

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