Monday, June 4, 2012

I need names

The last week has been incredibly busy, literally non stop from morning till dusk. I will write more posts, lots has been happening, but right now I have not a spare second..

For now can anyone help me with names.. Out of the five, three have names but I'm struggling with the other two. I thought of sticking with the theme from last muster, of native flora, i.e. Fern and Matai, but so far haven't stuck to this to well, Im open to all suggestions.

The first photo is the little injured chestnut, Oscar. The next two are unnamed, both are curious young boys.

The next is Bear, because when we were thinking of names we thought Bear Grylls like the survivor man off the tv show Man vs Wild, but shortened it to just Bear, because he's just like a big bear, and is the oldest of all the boys.

Last but not least is Drifter, the shy boy of the bunch. Small and much more timid than the rest. But with the most intelligent soulful eyes and mysterious good looks. He looks every bit the young stallion from the mountains...

So names people, let me know what you think of!
Opps pics came up in a different order, change drifter and bear around....


  1. Bear and Oscar seemed to be disconnected so I'm assuming you have no theme going.

    I'm a lover of the old show Bonanza. Hoss, Little Joe, Ben, Adam, Candy and Hop Sing. Although naming a horse Hoss or Hop Sing may not be good association.

    The only curious boys's names I can think of at the moment are Doogie and Dexter, one from the show Doogie Houser and the other from the cartoon's Dexter's Labratory.


  2. Tawa and Supple Jack (he can be jack for short), to go with the native theme :D