Tuesday, June 26, 2012

One of the stallions went to his new home last week, i got his new owner to write up a little bit about him, and her experiences.

I have for many years wanted a kaimanawa pony, but was worried what i was going to get myself into. Then when Chloe had a amazing offer to get the pony delivered to her house and do the 1st handling with it, I jumped at the chance.

The suprise of not knowing what you would get was quite a buzz. I went up a few times to vist my ponies progress and each time i was so suprised at how far he had come in such a short time, Many thanks to Chloe's great horsemanship.
I picked him up on wed he travelled like a dream, Got off the float to be greeted by 5 excited people and he didnt bat a eyelid so much better than my domesticated horses when arriving at a new place it was AMAZING I was prepared for chaos.

He has been with me less than a week and i have taken him over things, on things, through things,that you just couldn't do with a normal horse for the 1st time. The wild ponies just take everything in their stride, never say no, and never bat a eyelid even when you ask them to go strange places (like on the deck). He now follows me in the paddock, comes running for his hard feed has sussed the feed shed (they are very smart). Im in love with them.
Will definitely be getting another
from the next muster im sold on the wild ponies

This is why I love working with wild horses, taking a horse that was wild and turning into a calm domesticated horses with a future, this is the goal happy people and happy horses. It is so rewarding when it goes like this. Great for the wild ponies as well the more people that love them, the more that can be saved.

Here are some pics of this pony, from arriving in the stockyards,to exploring the front deck of his new home.

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