Monday, November 1, 2010


Hmm i watched some Grand prix showjumping on the weekend, little Matai still has a wee bit to learn. He is slightly confused, as to why he is not allowed to walk over the small jump, but rather has to trot and make some attempt at jumping.

Soo clever standing on platforms (can see non horse people eye rolling about now)

The cat as always has to be in on the action...

What a weekend! two days of non stop showjumping. With a 5am start the first morning, and two days of wind, cold, and hay fever. I am feeling slightly worse for wear. Also feeling mighty angry/disgusted, about some of the horsemanship i saw over the weekend. So might let myself cool down before i right anything about it, that really shouldn't be publicly recorded. I hate cruel horsemanship with a passion!! luckily most horse people are decent human beings, but there are always a select few,in any sport, that ruin it for the rest. At the end of the day im just super happy with my horse who i thought went awsome, and try not to think about all the idiots out there.

Any way this post was meant to be about Matai. Who is an angel. A little joy, in amongst the constant chaos, and nonstop activity, that seems to go hand and hand with having so many horses.

unfortunately i haven't had time to do anything exciting with him lately. But did play around with getting him standing on platforms, and doing some small jumps today. Love doing these kind of activities with the horses. As it gets them thinking, and they learn to try things, no matter what your asking. Also getting them stepping on loud objects, that make a bang, helps get them comfortable with noise and makes loading, walking acriss bridges etc much less scary to them.

He was so gorgeous with his jumping. he trots up in the slowest pace imaginable, heaves in the air with his front end , lands, then trys to just step over with his back end, usaly knocking the pole down. It is not to watch, what i would call, raw talent. But he trys very hard and does learn fast. Hes definately not worried about the jumps. which is good. He also tolerates the cat very well, who thinks it has to accompany me, on all horse train adventures, and likes to position herself in the centre if the action (usally in the middle of the jump).

i think little Matai looking so much better than a few months ago, but its always hard to tell when you see them everyday. What do you think??