Thursday, November 25, 2010

Baby number two

So proud of my little wild stallion. Matai, let someone else catch, handle, and put him away today, no fuss. Sounds like nothing amazing, but it is another small step in his journey from the wild.

He has always been amazing for me to handle, but is still reserved around other people. eyeing them suspiciously, and it takes time before he relaxes enough to be touched or handled by a stranger. he's Not totally convinced that humans he doesn't recognise, are safe, and not going to jump him at any minute. until today, this morning, my non-horsey boyfriend, walked right up and started patting him. Matai, didn't mind at all. Excellant.

just as a little test, and also to get him accustomed to other people handling him. i sent the boyfriend to catch him and bring him to the stable for the night. No problems, the lovely boyfriend, caught, lead and put him in his stable, with out any dramas. he just walked along behind, like and old school pony. Best thing about this is that it gives the average person, such a sense of honor, a very special feeling. Just to be able to interact and handle a animal that has once been wild.

By tomorrow morning, Sonny should have a new friend to play with. Finally another mare on the farm is ready to give birth. So another long night ahead, checking on her through night until shes give birth. This mare though is not from the wild, shes just an ex racehorse. This will be her second foal, her last one is a stunner, so we are all pretty excited. Fingers crossed everything goes okay.