Sunday, November 28, 2010

A baby is born

So little Sonny, the wild horse born in captivity, remains the only foal i have actually witnessed being born.( http:// for post on Sonny's birth).Again i arrived 5 minutes to late, the second little foal of the season, was already on the ground being licked dry by its mother. Another filly, Sonny is still also the only colt born on the farm. This filly, at least was born at a slightly more respectable time of 11pm.
Although not quite as cool as a wild horse,she is still gorgeous and an absolute treasure. But we already had a good idea of what she would look, because we knew who both parents were. Where as Sonny, we knew what Fern looked like, but the father could be any ones guess.

photos will come. I unfortunately had to travel to the big city, the day after the little foals birth, so didn't have time to update my blog or put pictures up. But will be home soon with my camera to give a better update. I need new photos of Matai too, as he is looking like a full grown, big, beautiful boy at the moment.

P.S it was almost exactly a month to the day that Sonny was born. Hopefully the new baby and mother,will be ready to put in with Sonny and Fern with the next week or two. Sonny can have a new friend and stop annoying his poor mother.