Friday, October 29, 2010

Some more pics

Just thought id go a bit camera mad, and take some more baby photos. Fern and Sonny still happy and healthy. Sonny was galloping around by the afternoon of his first day. Looking every bit like a horse that was more than capable of running free across the ranges. He is a big boy, no wonder poor mum looked so massive before.

Fern is going to be super fit by the times hes weaned. As he only has three activities, running,sleeping and drinking milk. Luckily there is more than enough milk for him (and probably about 6 other colts) as fern still resembles a big uddered dairy cow. the Sweet mother that she is, cant let him leave her side, and trails after him around the paddock, at what ever speed and direction he chooses to go.

Have also taken some pics of the Matai, the stallion, who's looking amazing. But might save them for another post, and put them up tomorrow. Or possibly after the weekend, as I'm off showjumping all weekend with the warm blood. Bound to be run off my feet and in a state of chaos, with no time to get to my computer.
sorry actually thought i posted this on Friday but apparently it didnt go up!