Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Well the grey had me fooled. I thought she would have foaled by now. But she just continues to get bigger and wider. I stopped stabling her at night weeks ago, and moved her into the broodmare paddock, in prepartaion for her giving birth. I have been religiously checking for wax on her udder, and any other signs of the baby about to make an arrival. No luck. For a while she had so much milk she waddled when she walked. that disappeared away again, and her udder returned to normal size. So there has been many hours spent wasted, staring at her massive protruding belly. Trying to see the baby move, and hoping that if i stare long enough, i can force the foal, into being born. Grey although not moving with any grace and dignity, due to her immense size,ambles around the paddock looking happy and without a care in the world. Its just me that is a ball of stress, nerves and anticipation over unknown arrival date of the wild baby.

Having bred a couple of horses already, and hearing others experiences. I know most of the things, that can go wrong with horses, when giving birth. I have had the 'pleasant' experience of having to pull a baby out of a mare, in the middle of a cold, wet, night (all of my mares except one have delivered between 11pm and 2am). Then the horrible decisions of having to euthanize babies born with deformities. Also the even more horrific stories of friends, whose mares, going weeks over their due date, and vets having to kill the foal and having to remove it piece, by piece, to get it out of the poor mare.So until their is a healthy baby, on the ground you have all the worst case scenarios, going on replay through your head.But then, all the excitement and joy of a nice healthy foal makes up for any other losses you experience.

Now,the broodmare paddock has been eaten bare, yet there is still no baby. Grey now comes into the barn for the day, and back to the paddock with hay at night. Every morning shes waiting by the gate looking directly in my bedroom window. If i ever wanted a sleep in, it would be impossible as i would have to face, her pleading expression, for her stable and food, and the guilt would force me to get up.

good news is that you can definitely still see and feel, the baby kicking inside her. Which reassures me its healthy and alive in their. Also she is full of milk again today. I'm going to take this as a sign that the baby must be closed...It better be, the suspense is killing me.