Friday, October 15, 2010

Ok we have names

Still no new wild horse baby, but i have at least decided on names for the two wild horses. Thanks to everyone for all their great suggestions. both those who commented on the blog and those who told me their suggestions in person.

The grey or girl, is now Silver Fern or 'Fern' for an everyday name. Everyone who comes to the farm (including the vet)always asks 'who the pretty silver horse is?'. I think fern suits her and silver for he colouring. Also the most famous female athletes in this country, are the silver ferns, and its also are national sporting emblem. So she has a name, that will hopefully give her something to live up to.

The stallion, or the bay, as he is known now. Is to become 'Matai'. Which going with the botanical theme, is a native tree. it is also the name of the beach, where my family goes camping every year, and where i have spent many, many, happy summer days, since i was a child.

All the other names, I'm going to keep in the back of my mind for my next batch of wild horses, foals etc. So thanks everyone for all the help.

Grey/fern still has an udder full of milk and is still getting bigger. My Sport horse mares which are due in 3 weeks are nowhere near as big as fern, even though they are about a whole 2 hands taller than her. Fingers crossed for a baby soon. i will keep everyone posted.