Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tarantula and videos

I'm sitting in Beijing,China having survived my first go at eating a tarantula, silk grub  and a scorpion, I did however turn down the dog meat and cat kebab on principal. Only the tarantula tasted terrible, mainly because of its hairy tough legs that you had to tear off the body with your teeth while trying to avoid the other ones sticking you up the nose as you chew, the scorpion however was really tasty. not lying, crispy with great seasoning it was kind of like a spicy potato chip.

I love home and the farm and my horses, but  traveling and trying new cultures and the lifestyle is a whole different kind of excitement. But not matter that I'm thousands of miles from home and eating bugs, it is still mind boggling to realise who connected the world is these days, and how you never truly lose touch no matter how many thousands of miles away you might be.

So as  I'm  making my way to Mongolia it's lovely to be able to get message from home and see what's going on

While I'm away my Fern continues to make a splash in the media. Literally. 

I did a  photo shoot at the beach just before i left, with my best friend, her horse and Fern. It was great fun although to be honest I cringe watching the video. Note to self do hair and make up before doing any video interviews next time.

Here's the link for those interested.

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