Tuesday, July 23, 2013


It's always chaos trying to leave the farm, and this trip is no different. Well a little bit different as Ill be gone for an exceptionally long time and I'm leaving the farm and animals in charge of a house sitter as no one else will be here. It's a bit stressful, and I'm not really sure how so many jobs manage to appear when you have absolutely no time to deal with them. 

I go in two days, and there's already way to much to do and no time to do it in. Animals to move, feeding to sort out, gas bottles for farm bikes, water pumps and all other of manner of things to be filled, gates to paddocks that need fixing, water tanks and troughs to fill, check pipes, check horses and of course pack my bags.....and track down my passport that is in transit somewhere.

In amongst all this there's been awards dinners, and to my surprise and delight I managed to pick up an award, Amateur Eventer of the Year. A wee bit unexpected as over the last 12 months I've barely competed, having traveled so much with Kiwi Care Team, but my big horse is amazing (in my eyes) and even with very few runs managed to stay super consistent and we picked up some good placings.  Wining is always nice no matter what people say,  and its always nice to be recognised for achievements and hard work, I think also most people adore their horses, and I at least always feel my horse deserves recognition even if its just for putting up with me. So now I have a nice trophy sitting in my kitchen table, can't complain really.

Another horse continues to be a star, Fern in the last few weeks has done a couple of of newspaper photos shoots and I'm looking forward to the weekend paper and hopefully some professional photos of her. 

Little Fern continues to be the most reliable, consistent and photogenic horse on the property. It doesn't seems to matter that I never have time to ride her. Just load her in the trailer take her to the beach attach a wakeboard and off we go. Looking like we have practised the routine daily for hours. But it's just her,vocals stoic and never getting upset Fern impresses even the most hardy doubters.

She even took the photographers assistant for a ride down the beach, casually galloping along looking picturesque with her mane and tail blowing in the wind. Fern is just a great ambassador for everything good about Kaimanawas.

Hopefully by the time I get on the plane everything will be sorted and I will have many boring flying  hours to  fill me time writing up some more posts to update everyone of what's been happening.

For now thank you all for you support, I've got to go start packing

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