Friday, July 12, 2013

Going global...

Turns out people liked our little horse Wakeboarding stunt. The local paper made it their front page story, the national Newspaper picked it up and then low and behold if someone didn't send us a clip of it in an Australian paper. My little Fern mustered off the side of a mountain is now being seen all over the world.

Local News

National news

This from the Bundaberg times in Australia 

Of course not everybody likes it, but that is the same no matter what you do. There was a substantial amount of people who went to the effort of finding my email address and writing to tell me how horrible a person I am and that this was animal abuse. Of course I read the comments on the Internet to, but luckily the positive far outweighed the negative! The negative ones don't bother me at all actually, there is no way I could get Fern doing this if she wasn't happy and the fact that my best friend on the wakeboard is a vet and I work with animal welfare groups and horses full time pretty much guarantees nothing even near abuse goes on. Still funny to read comments though.

Hopefully we've reminded everyone just how fun horses are and why we own and love them, also what a good bit if Kiwi ingenuity can achieve!

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