Monday, August 6, 2012

Riding adventures

The mud on the farm is unbelievable. I have to keep finding news ways to exercise the horses, as well as keep them clean.

Miro however is coming along in leaps and bounds, being ridden out over the farm. He's also the model of perfect stallion behavior and happily gets led off other horses including mares.

So heres a few quick pics of the wild horses in one of the only spots of sunshine in weeks, going for a bath on the creek. Fern the grey mare, Matai the gelding from the 2010 muster, and Miro the stallion 9 weeks out of the wild.

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  1. Loving these! Sorry for the similar blog names, I made mine forever ago and then only found my mustang this summer. You look like you had a lovely time in all these photos!