Monday, August 13, 2012

I don't know what I was thinking when I went to a horse show on the weekend. I never compete from July- September, yet here I was driving four hours to compete in August. A friend convinced me to go along as it would be good preparation for the spring season. I regretted the decision as soon as I'd sent my entries in.

But nevertheless I loaded up my two wild ponies and headed off on Saturday morning, being more and more filled with regret as the rain poured down

All I can say is that I hope my dedication to the sport somehow pays off in the future. Because I was wet cold and miserable all weekend. However the horses went great.

Fern was her usual amazing self. Calm cool and collected, jumping like the little star that she is. For Matai it was his first ever show, and he's a much more in-experienced jumper. Overall he was pretty good, jumping everything. But his jockey (me) did have one little accident, me and Matai parted ways half way around the course .

He jumped a fence on course and got a fright on landing, leaping sideways, and suddenly there was no horse underneath me anymore. But luckily, I landed on my feet,managed to hold onto the reins,so just hoped back on and kept riding.

This was my first ever cross country fall, and naturally happened when everybody was watching,always a bonus. However at least I provided some entertainment for spectators.

So apart from the rain, and falling off it wasn't to bad a weekend, and I do love taking my wild ponies put and about.

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  1. You look really confident when jumping, I wish i was as confident when I doing my show jumping. I have been riding for a couple of years but I dont have your confidence.

    Anything Equine