Wednesday, January 26, 2011

i rode the wild stallion

Well we survived the flood. All the horses survived the flood, some a little worse for ware but all accounted for, and we have had the most beautiful sunny weather the last two days. A couple of the thoroughbreds and the foal the almost got swept away, have got a light case of rain scald brought on by the wet and then intense humidity. The three wild horses however, look to be in fantastic shape, fatter than usual, as they stuff themselves with the fresh grass, the rain provided. But the most exciting thing of all, i finally sat on my wild stallion.

It was one of those things, i didn't plan it, and i don't recommend it, but for me it was either do it or it will never happen. I had all these grand plans, but like the car mechanic who permanently drives a busted up wreck on four wheels, because he has no time to fix his own car, i have no time to train my own mounts because i spend all day riding and training horses for other people. i know so many horse trainers in the same position though.


i came home and finally finished all the chores for the evening, it was one of those beautiful warm summer evenings where its just to beautiful to sit inside, after surviving the flood i was filled with with energy and enthusiasm for life again. so if the fading evening light, i decided to go out and have a 'play around' with Matai the 'wild stallion'.

I threw a halter and rope on, and after doing some basic ground in the paddock, i jumped up and down beside him, like i would if i was going to jump on his back. When he could handle that with out moving and was relaxed. i progressed to jumping up and lying across his back. He would swing his head around to look at me, take a step or two, to re balance under my weight, but otherwise was content to stand there relaxed. Next step after doing that a couple of times, i just swung my leg over. All of a sudden i was just sitting there, bareback and in a halter atop my wild stallion, who was standing relaxed and content with the world...

i used to do this as a kid, one day i would decide to "break in one of the ponies" and with the impatience of youth throw myself no saddle, on to whatever horse, usually by standing them on the side of a hill. Funnily enough, i never been hurt by this method, though again i wouldn't recommend it. I think the horses, without a saddle, don't panic or buck, because there is nothing restricting their movement.

Anyway I'm living on high at the moment, such an adrenaline buzz to have sat on my wild boy. I'm so proud of him, his sensible attitude and his love of working continue to impress me. After id finally got off him and set him free again. he trailed after me to the gate as if to say "was that it? I'm happy to do more" got to love him.

only thing one was there to witness his first ride or take photos.