Friday, January 28, 2011

The floods are back

Its pouring again.. Floods are predicted again tonight, with the water rising faster and higher than last weekend.

I haven't ridden the stallion again. All morning, i have been moving horses to higher ground, fixing fences and, yet again moving all farm equipment, vehicles and anything else on the low lying area to high ground.

The dumb mare who almost drowned her baby is locked in a stable until the rain subsides. The wild horses are on the hills, the stallion with his paddock mate Milo, Fern with her foal and the rest of the horses on the opposite hill.

This time last year, we were having the worst drought ever recorded, This year we have floods. What is happening with the weather? From my house i can see all the horses in the respective paddocks. I can see the water rise, and all i can do is sit and watch, fingers crossed.......