Friday, January 28, 2011

the great flood

Its now midnight, in the fading light about four hours ago, my farm was under water. It is now raining heayier than ever.I have never seen so much water cover the land, or rise so fast. Usually it would take a couple of days of steady rain, not just 6 hours. The worst part of it is, the storm is only meant to get worse from here, it hasn't even peaked yet.

You can no longer walk from the house to the barn. You can no longer leave the farm at all, the drive out, having stretches of water up to 6 metres deep. All the horses are on their own, they will just have to survive without me until morning. I moved the last three weaner calves, into the backyard for the night as they were huddled blindly under trees near the stream. I have done my best to make sure all the livestock, including the geese are locked up safe and away form water.

Unless you live in an area affected by flood, you cannot fully realise just how fast they can happen and how strong they can be....

crossing my fingers and toes now, in hope the rain stops, as i don't know what will happen if it gets much higher.