Friday, August 27, 2010

wild horses attitude continue to impress

Hallelujah!!! So grey is doing better and the wound is healing right on track. What I'm going to call the vets new 'wonder drug' is working, nice clean wound, no more swelling, and the skin closing in corners...Fingers crossed for continuing progress. It is still a bug ugly hole of a wound but it not getting worse and progress is being made.

The Vet who came to see the grey girl was awesome, and managed to ease my sense of compounding guilt, that maybe id been to relaxed about the wound on her chest. He did have a few expletive words for the location of the cut, being in a spot that is completely impossible to either stitch up, or bandage. but agrees that even if id called him the night she was in the fence, he would have given the same advice, keep it clean and disinfect it. Huge sigh of relief from me! Now just a waiting game.

Usually when horses get nasty wounds wounds like this, you have to go through the dramas of giving it antibiotic injections twice a day (not so easy by yourself) or mess around with trying to get them to eat ineffective powers....Along comes a new drug that is only one injection and lasts for four days...Beauty!! So much easier...hopefully i haven't spoken to soon and its going to keep on working.

Grey was an angel for the vet. After being pulled from the fence by my family and i, she has overcome any fear she had of new people being around her. She stood there without a halter in the paddock while the vet and a good look at the wound. then when caught stood there for all three of her injections, tetanus and 2 antibiotic shots. Even standing quietly for the vet while he cut some dead flesh from the wound.

these horses just amaze me with their tough, steady, no fuss attitude. continuing to accept life and all the adventures that go with becoming domesticated. Grey is a dream patient. tolerating everything, daily leg washes and iodine treatment. She is so common sense their is no ruining around tearing her wound open (the bane of horse owners trying to heal injured creatures), she just spends all day calmly grazing, no excessive movement. If only all horses had her attitude.