Monday, August 30, 2010

grey healing

Geezus!! 5 days without Internet, felt like a lifetime. Life has been ticking along on the farm.Spring seems to be almost within reach, with a couple of trees already covered in blossoms. All the horses are full of spring energy, which means they are galloping everywhere, spooking, bucking and in general behaving like idiots and doing their best to destroy any grass that is managing to grow. Both wild horses are doing fantastic.

The Grey is a tough cookie, her leg is healing fast, with no problems. She continues to live in the paddock during the day and stabled at night. Shes there waiting at the gate each evening, even though she knows she has to get her leg washed and sprayed with iodine before she is allowed in the stable for her precious food. Apart from the leg she is looking fantastic, her shaggy hair almost gone, and a sleek dark and fine summer coat coming through. She looks closer to foaling everyday, my guess is a baby within the month...

Little bay is also looking much sleeker and more handsome than ever. He even more than grey has shed and got a fine glossy summer coat. He now has nice dark black legs , and has gone from pale brown with white wisps to very dark, silky bay .. He to, gets stabled alongside grey each night and spends the day playing in the paddock with Milo the pony, who could be his twin. He knows the manners required for domestic life and behaves like a perfect gentle men in all situations. Around other horses even the mares he does nothing but stand quietly, even stabled next to grey he stays very docile. As long as you show them the correct way to behave to start with, you never run into problems later.

Watch this space should have photos of both horses up soon to show their progress!