Friday, August 20, 2010

wild horse info

So a week of wild weather and no electricity because the generator broke (the joys of life when you cant have your electricity off the grid) i have been suffering some severe Internet withdrawals each night.i did get my first wild horse newsletter though, which has given me lots to read and think about. But back up and ruining with power and Internet so good to go again

Okay so have been meaning to put up a link to the website for wild horses in New Zealand. is the website where i found how to go about adopting, or if your interested in sponsoring a horse or donating they have all the info. for news and updates. both are good, they also have pages in facebook and twitter. so lots of info.

Again i really rate the work these guys do, they must put in some hours. every potential adopter has a pre adoption home check, to make sure that they are suitable for containing wild horse, have yards etc for unloading and good fences. They then give you another check up a month after you receive the horse to make sure everything is progressing safely. As the potential for these horse to end up in bad situations is quite high. Not only that but when you apply to adopt, you have to have a signature from a vet, as well as another from a independent source (not a family member) to say that you are a suitable and competent horse person and are capable of caring for theses horses. You can also choose what type of horse you would prefer, sex, age etc (although this is no guarantee what will arrive on you door step).okay so all the paper work is a bit of a pain, but worth it, You know that the organisation is trying their best to give these horses the best possible start to domestic life.

Cheers guys and keep up the good work