Thursday, July 15, 2010


finally back in NZ....not home yet only landing down this afternoon..tomorrow back to the farm. Thailand was absolute bliss..warm sunny and i got to look at exotic animals to my hearts content. No holiday however sweet is completely trouble free. Got message from the farm a couple days ago, saying that greys foot problems had resurfaced and that she had stared limping again.

Ahhh so i was in foreign country, while my wild pony is at home getting sicker by the day. Adding to the problem that no one at home can handle her or even catch her to treat the foot. Because I'm still the only human who can get near her. So this could have been a solved to, by putting some antibiotics in her food. to clear up any infection until i got home to check her out. Except she doesn't eat horse food yet. So while i looked through markets and lay on the beach, i constantly stressed about my poor grey girl in a paddock at home.

It seems though that grey with her wild horse sturdiness is already on the mend. This gives me some peace of mind until i see her tomorrow, and chech her out for myself. Bay stallion has apparently gotten fatter by the day, cant wait to see him too.