Wednesday, July 21, 2010

all the goings on

I have been slack, i haven't written in a couple of days. Yet there has been so much happening with the wild horses I've already forgotten some of it, ive been so busy. Grey and the bay colt have both had some actual lessons rather than just the routine handling each day. Both are quieter, both are fatter and they both definitely have more energy. Big steps have been made.

The Grey comes and gets tied up for the day at the barn. All my broodmares, young horses and my competition horses are either stabled or tied in the barn with hay nets everyday to feed and give them 8 hours a day out of the rain and mud. The grey is brought from her private paddock and is with them all day. She stands there with all of them and has dogs, a cat, people, wheelbarrows and other horses coming and going right past her throughout the day. No bid deal, she just carries on eating her hay. Also from watching all the others horses excitement at being fed she has finally given her horse feed a try, for the last two days has actually eating some of it, as well as sampled her salt block which until now has been left completely untouched.

Horses are only as quiet as you teach them to be. She has been allowed to get used to everything in a non-threatening, relaxed environment. She flicks her ears back and forth aware, yet accepts all the activity completely relaxed. Every morning she stands at the corner of her paddock watching me clean the barn and bring in the other horses, until I'm finally ready to come catch her and bring her in.

The boy also like his stable life. Every evening he to is waiting at the gate with Milo and Coco the shetland pony, to be brought to his stable. He is looking better everyday. he had a lesson in lunging and ground manners yesterday. he has a great little brain on him and is quick to learn. he seems to enjoy interacting with me and learning new things. He now knows all the ground work and basics that i would expect of my domestic horses of the same age. He can back up, turn on the forehand,turn on the haunches, and walk,trot, canter on a circle.

Loving my two little wild horses cant wait to teach them some more stuff only just beginning