Friday, July 30, 2010

farm life

Farm life is amazing, peaceful, full of clean air and beautiful pastures, animals and your around nature all day, its heaven......or not. on days like today, the city sounds very appealing. Because on days like today farm life goes like this.....
  • The sewage stops up, and because your rural you fix it yourself (unless you want to wait days for the plumber)
  • while fixing sewage, the dogs seeing you upset try there best cheer up methods of giving big licks to the face...after trying to eat the raw sewage...
  • the tire goes flat and you get the farm Ute stuck, and you have to fix it,
  • the generator craps out just as you want to go inside and blob on the couch,so you spend an hour in the cold and dark already exhausted, fiddling with it in the hopes it will magically start. The idea of being able to walk inside and flick a switch and a light will automatically go on is very appealing, or not even having to worry that if you turn the TV and oven on at the same time will cause the generator to blow up completely.

These are all the charms of farm life, or at least my farm anyway. Luckily the horses were angels today and made lots of progress to keep the day from being a complete fail.

The not so wild stallion continued to succeed at learning new things. today on the long line, he did some trotting poles, popped over small ditches, and made it across the bridge by himself (not following another horse. No big fuss to do any of these things, his progress made the other disasters of the day slightly more bearable.

Grey let me pick up her feet and try to dig abscesses and seedy toe out. her feet are the absolute worst Ive ever seen,before yesterdays trim, they looked like three clawed bird feet so bad were the cracks and splits in them. now they just look mildly terrible. But at least its progress

thank god for the wild ones at least they made the day bearable.