Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Video skills

I've got a friend and she's awesome. We all have one like her, someone  who's got all the talent in the world, whether artistic, athletic or intelligent, but just doesn't realize it and doesn't back themselves. You tell them their amazing and they answer "oh I'm not that good, anyone could do it" . You want to shake them and be like " NO, no, no your really good god damnit" and you want to see them use the talents they have.  Because if anyone could do it, we all would, but we don't all have the same talents and we can't all do everything.

This friend of mine is amazing at making videos, I'm trying to get her to make some videos of the wild horses, as some footage of what they are up to these days is way overdue. I could not make videos like my friend, I simply don't have the artistic talent, or the ear for matching movies and music together like she does. Truth be told I'm a little jealous of her mad movie making skills, and wish shed use her talents more.

So to give her a bit of encouragement I'm going to share one of her videos. She made this with the most basic editing software and footage from still camera, not even a real digital video camera. She's and amazing girl and this video will hopefully show not just her talents but some of the work we did in India as well.

Please check it out.... A word of warning it's pretty graphic, don't watch it with your dinner.


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