Friday, May 3, 2013

Time flys

Time flys, this it will be almost three years since my first wild horses arrived. The stallions from last muster will have been with me a year and in another twelve months I'll hopefully have another lot of wild horses arriving from muster.

To be honest I'm left scratching my head a bit at how fast time rolls past. Some days I feel I've achieved not even a quarter of what i could acheive with these horses. Then other days I remember that there is only me, and I have to run a business, a farm and do so many other things than judt play with wild horses, and I'm happy with how much I've achieved. Every single wild horse that's come through my hands is now not wild, more importantly they are happy, well adjusted and relaxed equines, whether they live with me or have gone on to new owners.

None however has manged to do quite as much as Fern, my little grey mare from the 2010 muster. Not only was she mustered as a very mature horse at eight years old, she was pregnant, had her foal in captivity raised him to be one of the healthiest calmest and most polite youngster I've ever come across. She's been my show horse, and one of the most talented jumping horses I've ever ridden, but the more importantly she's now gone on to teach more children to grow up loving horses, and wild horses in particular.

Fern get used on the school holiday camps I run, and is one of those priceless horses who just adapt to any rider, is never naughty and quietly gets in and does whatever is asked of her with no fuss. Every rider who is lucky enough to sit on her gains confidence, whether a wee child or a shy teen, in no time she has them flying happily over jumps.

One of my biggest goals with wild horses was to show people how amazing they can be, how non wild, sensible and versatile they truly are. But most of all I wanted people to fall in love with them. Becasue if you can get people to experiance something first hand and love it, then they will want to save and preserve it themselves, in this way maybe we can save more horses each muster. One day hopefully every horse that it is possible to rehabilitate will be, and not sent to slaughter.

I'm not sure I've achieved making people fall in love with wild horses but I think Fern has.