Friday, March 29, 2013

Off to India

Life is going to be a whole new level of crazy soon. In three days I'm off to India, not for a holiday but to work with animals again. Specifically working animals and help educate locals into better animal welfare practices. It's going to be as little crazy...

So before I go I thought I'd give everyone an update on the wild horses which I have been so slack at writing about recently. I feel like I've almost got my own little herd of them currently. With Bear, Fern, Matariki, Oscar, Sonny, Shy Boy and Miro was here until a week ago, I still see Matai a lot to. So from the top heres a little bit about them all.

Bear who has been ten months out of the wild, is still a quirky little horse. Tame, and well mannered, he still has days where everything scares him. But he copes more and more. Hes good for the farrier, and has had his teeth done by the dentist, and accepted it all happily, I can ride him, and handle him as i would any other horse, but he much more alert and tense than the other ones. New people sometimes scare him to. But deep down in his tense soul Bear is a lover, he nays to you as you go past the paddock and will come and present himslef  for a scratch, not cuddly like the other but a quiet slow backscratch while he's loose in the paddock, and he's a happy horse.

Matariki, the newest wild pony, is gorgeous, and a genuine sweetheart. He's gone from being a nervous, worried creature, to completly relaxed and one of the quietest horses on the property. I've ridden him and worked with him a lot , and he just have the most beautiful attitude always so focused and dying to please, a quick learner and super intelligent as well. Currently one of my favorites to work with.

Oscar, just continues to be the most relaxed, quiet and easy of horses. The horse that is every little girls dreams as he just loves cuddles and attention he stands around happily relaxed for hours while he's showered with affection.

Sony is huge. He arrived from the 2010 muster still in his mother belly, and was born on the farm. Fern, his Mother was big for a wild horse, and Sonny is even bigger at only two years old. He's also a very polite and well mannered young boy, his mother did a good job raising him. He is a sweet and stoic chap, who all the ladies want for themselves as a riding horse when he's older.

Shy boy is only here on a diet as his owner is grazing one of my horses that needs fattening up. He is the moivie star, with the longest, thickest flowing mane and tail, dark mohangy coat he's one handsome boy. Still shy, but lovely to handle and not wild at all.

Fern, my lovely grey mare is sick. She's missed almost the whole competition season battling a lung infection, that keeps reacurring. I'm hoping I've finally healed her with yet another course of antibiotics. It's been scary though, the hottest driest summer I can remember and my tough, stoic little mare sounds like she's breathing through a water filled hose, a gurgling rasping sound. Fern is never sick, never lame, never has a bad day, so to watch her cough and gurgle for months is not a nice thing.

Miro & Matai from what I've heard and seen are both doing excellant. Both have gone to fabulous little girls who love them and are doing a great job riding them. I'm really excited to watch there success in the future.

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  1. Poor Fern! My neighbours horse has a similar problem and we are doing every thing to help her - its so sad seeing her in the paddock like that.
    Glad all the other horses are doing well!